House rules

Welcome to Haga Home!

Our wish is to always make you feel welcome and comfortable in our accommodation. To ensure a peaceful and enjoyable experience for all our residents and guests, we have established some house rules:

ACCESS: You have already received the door code for access to the apartment and passwords for using our home app. Additionally, you can find the key to the mailbox and trash bin on the kitchen table. If desired, we can provide you with a door key for an extra fee.

INTERNET: Haga Home’s WiFi is available and free in all apartments. The WiFi password is “hagahomes.”

CAPACITY: Each apartment accommodates up to two sleeping guests. Therefore, a maximum of two guests is allowed in the apartment. Please do not exceed the specified number of guests.

PARTIES and EVENTS: Organizing parties or events that may disturb other guests is not allowed in the apartment.

PARKING: We offer 14 secure parking spaces with video surveillance that can be reserved for an additional fee. Access to the parking lot is from behind the building at Mäepealse 31, and the barrier will open once you have registered your car’s license plate or downloaded the Bisly access app. Please make sure to park in the designated space indicated in your booking confirmation. Haga Home is not responsible for the cars or their contents in the parking lot.

QUIET HOURS: Quiet hours at Haga Home are from 23:00 to 06:00. Please respect the privacy of other guests and avoid any disturbances during these hours. Violation of quiet hours may result in a penalty of 400 euros for each offense.

SMOKING: Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is strictly prohibited inside the apartments and in front of the main entrance. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas with proper ashtrays. Please ensure that you dispose of cigarette butts in the provided ashtrays. Violation of the smoking policy may result in a penalty of 400 euros for each offense.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: Dispose of trash in the designated bins inside and outside the apartments. If desired, a biological waste bin can be provided for an extra fee. Larger items (such as old furniture and packaging) and hazardous waste (such as chemicals, batteries, expired medications, and electronic devices) should be separated and taken to waste collection points.

WATER: Our tap water is clean and suitable for drinking. Enjoy the quality of our drinking water!

USE OF APPLIANCES: Instructions for using the appliances in the apartments can be found in the TV stand drawer.

OPEN FLAME: Using an open flame inside the apartment is strictly prohibited.

COOKING: Do not leave the apartment during cooking or while using the stove or oven. Always use the stove fan or range hood when cooking.

LAUNDRY ROOM: All our guests have access to the laundry room located on the left wing of the first floor. Use your home door code to access the room.

PETS: Pets are welcome in Haga Home apartments with prior written approval.

RESPONSIBILITY: Remember that you are responsible for any damage to Haga Home property. Please treat our facilities and items responsibly and report any potential damage to our staff immediately. Additional charges may apply for the repair or replacement of damaged items.

SECURITY: Manned video surveillance is provided in the external and common areas of the apartment. In case of any violations of house rules, Haga Home’s contracted security company will respond.

EVACUATION PLAN: The evacuation plan is located on the wall next to the apartment door. Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes and identify the nearest exit.
If you notice any issues or problems in the room, please inform our staff immediately. Contact information can be found on our website and on the information board in the stairwell.
In case of a fire, please notify emergency services at 112 as soon as possible and use evacuation routes to exit the building.
We wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay at Haga Home. If you have any questions or need further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our staff.