1. Scope

1.1. These reservation and cancellation terms apply to legal relationships arising from the purchase of services through the Haga Home reservation system between the client and Haga Home.

1.2. By making a reservation, the client agrees to the content and application of these terms. By making a reservation, the client also confirms that they have read Haga Home’s privacy policy and agreed to the terms of data processing.

1.3. Based on the terms and conditions, Haga Home provides accommodation services and allows the client to use the services temporarily and for a fee, and the client undertakes to pay Haga Home the fee and other additional charges stipulated in these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions are not subject to the provisions of a residential or commercial lease.

1.4. In addition to these terms, legal relationships arising from the purchase of services through the Haga Home reservation system are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

2. Definitions

2.1. In these terms, the following expressions have the following meanings:
Terms – Reservation and cancellation terms for using accommodation services through the Haga Home reservation system.
Haga Home – Oma Korterid OÜ, a company providing accommodation services, with registry code 16409820, located at Pärnu mnt 105, 11312 Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia.
Haga Home Reservation System – Haga Home’s shopping environment at, facilitating the reservation of services.
Reservation – The client’s order for using the service.
Service – Accommodation service (both hotel and long-term) provided by Haga Home to the client under the specified terms.
Hotel service – accommodation service with a duration of up to 30 days.
Long-term service – accommodation service lasting from 31 days.
Additional Service – If possible, an additional service that is provided to the client based on the reservation in accordance with the conditions and the information on the Haga Home website.
Apartment – The room where the accommodation service is provided, and the right to use it is granted to the client according to the terms.
Territory – Areas owned by Haga Home, including apartments and other necessary spaces for service provision.
Door Code – a unique code guaranteeing access, which is sent to the client by e-mail on the day of the reservation along with the reservation confirmation, and which is valid during the reservation period.
Client – A legally competent person of at least 18 years of age who reserves a service through the Haga Home reservation system.
Hotel Client: A legally competent person of at least 18 years of age who reserves a hotel service for up to 30 days.
Long-Term Client: A legally competent person of at least 18 years of age who reserves a long-term service for 31 days or more.
Resident – A person sharing the apartment with the client or the person for whom the client made the reservation.
Arrival Day – The first day of service provision when the door code is activated.
Departure Day – The last day of service provision when the door code becomes invalid.
Advance Payment: For the hotel service, the entire service fee is paid in advance. For the long-term service, the advance payment is the first month’s fee proportionate to the period from the arrival day to the end of the current month.
Fee – The price paid in advance for the service.
Security Deposit – A deposit protecting Haga Home’s claims against the long-term client. There is no security deposit for hotel service.
Contract Signing Fee – A one-time fee only for the long-term client, paid for signing the contract. The contract signing fee is 25 euros and is non-refundable.
Additional Fee – The client pays an additional fee to Haga Home for additional services.
Utilities – Costs paid by the long-term client, including fixed costs (3 EUR/m2) and water and electricity consumption costs.
Late Payment – Additional fee paid by clients for late payment of any payments specified in the terms.
House Rules – Conditions for using the apartment.

3. Booking and Reservation confirmation

3.1. Transactions in the Haga Home booking system may only be made by a person who is at least 18 years old and legally capable. The person whose bank account or credit card is used for payment is responsible for the consequences of transactions made by a person who does not meet these requirements.

3.2. Haga Home has the right to request identification from the client to verify their age and may refuse to carry out the transaction in the case of a minor client.

3.3. To book a service, the client completes a reservation in the Haga Home booking system, selecting a suitable apartment from the options provided and, if necessary, additional services that meet the client’s search criteria.

3.4. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance of the arrival date.

3.5. When making a reservation, the client provides the following information to Haga Home:
• Client’s first and last name and contact details (email or phone number)
• Type of service (hotel or long-term)
• Selected apartment type
• Optional additional services
• Dates of service provision (arrival and departure days)
• Credit card details
• Client’s nationality
• Name, number, and issuing country of the client’s identity document
• For hotel clients: the purpose of the trip (business or leisure)

3.6. The required information is detailed in the Haga Home booking system, and the client receives instructions during the booking process.

3.7. If the client is not staying at Haga Home, the reservation must include the name of the resident, the payment method for the reservation, and any other relevant information. Information about the storage and use of this data can be found in our privacy policy.

3.8. If other individuals, such as guests or companions, will be staying in the apartment during the reservation period, the client must provide certain information about them during the reservation process. The client is responsible for ensuring that all guests entering the apartment use it in accordance with the terms of service and house rules. By gaining access to the apartment (including the door code), the client assumes full responsibility for ensuring that guests are aware of and agree to abide by the terms of service.

3.9. Accommodation of persons under the age of 18 at Haga Home is only possible if an accompanying adult stays at Haga Home during the same accommodation period.

3.10. The service provision contract is considered concluded between the client and Haga Home based on the conditions and terms specified in the service terms and the reservation confirmation sent to the client from the moment of sending.

3.11. If, due to an error in the Haga Home booking system, the price of the reservation or other relevant criteria are deemed by Haga Home to be incorrect, Haga Home has the right to correct the erroneous information and send the client a new reservation confirmation. In this case, the agreement between the client and Haga Home is considered concluded under the updated conditions and as indicated in the modified reservation confirmation sent to the client.

3.12. The reservation details provided by the client are accurate, precise, and complete. By making a reservation, the client confirms that they will follow the house rules while staying in the apartment.

3.13. Once the client has made a reservation, Haga Home sends a reservation confirmation to the email address provided by the client during the booking process, confirming all reservation details. The reservation is binding for Haga Home when it has been paid for, and the client has received confirmation along with the door code.

3.14. If the client has received a reservation confirmation from Haga Home but it turns out that Haga Home is unable to provide the service to the client, Haga Home offers the client a better or equivalent service at Haga Home or on another suitable date without an additional charge.

4. Additional Services

4.1. Haga Home offers additional services to make the client’s stay at Haga Home as comfortable as possible. Depending on availability, these additional services may include, but are not limited to:
• Early check-in/late check-out
• Bedding set, etc.
• Home textile set
• Kitchen utensils set
• Home appliances set
• Hairdryer
• Ironing board and iron
• Smart TV
• Coffee machine
• Cleaning service
• Car parking space  (One parking space per apartment, if available)
• Bicycle parking space

4.2. Additional services are provided subject to availability. Not all additional services may be available in all apartments or at all times.

4.3. Additional services are subject to an extra charge unless expressly stated otherwise in the reservation confirmation.

5. Service Fee and Payment Conditions

5.1. The client must pay the full cost of the service purchased through the Haga Home booking system. By making the payment, the client confirms that they have read and accepted all the terms and rules made available through the Haga Home booking system and agrees to abide by them.

5.2. The client is obligated to pay for the service and any pre-ordered additional services when making the reservation. In order to pay for additional services booked by the client during the provision of the service, Haga Home has the right to charge an additional fee from the client’s credit card used when making the reservation.

5.3. The pricing calculation for long-term service follows a monthly rental period, and the amount payable by the long-term client includes fees for accommodation, additional services, and utility costs.

5.4. When extending the service, the client must pay for additional nights of accommodation immediately, before issuing a new access code.

5.5. All service and additional service fees are quoted in euros and include taxes imposed in the Republic of Estonia.

5.6. Payment of the specified amount in the Haga Home booking system is made by bank transfer via online banking or Visa and MasterCard debit and credit card payments. It is possible to make a transfer from the following banks via online banking:
• Estonia – Swedbank, SEB, Luminor, LHV, Coop Pank, and Pocopay.
• Latvia – Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, and Nordea.
• Lithuania – SEB, Nordea, Swedbank.

5.7. To immediately register the payment, the client must click the “Return to Merchant” button promptly after making the transfer or card payment. Without immediate payment registration, the reservation will not be activated, and the reservation confirmation will not be sent.

5.8. If the client does not authorize the credit card payment or if the credit card does not have sufficient funds, or if there are other circumstances preventing payment by credit card, Haga Home has the right to cancel the client’s reservation without prior notice.

5.9. Additional fees must be paid for additional services according to the prices listed in the Haga Home booking system. An additional fee will be charged if the hotel guest exceeds the reasonable usage of electricity, heating, water, or sewage.

5.10. A cleaning fee of 30 euros applies to long-term services, and this amount is deducted from the deposit before its return. This is necessary as a more specific cleaning must be carried out after the client’s departure, which the client cannot perform themselves. If the apartment is left uncleaned before departure, a double cleaning fee of 60 euros will apply.

5.11. In case of destruction or damage to items in the apartment, an additional fee will be charged for damages (up to 500 euros + VAT). If the damage compensation does not cover the damage caused by the client or guest, Haga Home may demand compensation from the client according to the extent of the damage caused.

5.12. All invoices related to the service issued by Haga Home must be paid within 7 days from the date of the invoice, unless explicitly stated or agreed otherwise. In case of any delay in payments, Haga Home has the right to demand interest in accordance with the applicable laws for the period from the emergence of the payment obligation until its proper fulfillment.

5.13. Haga Home reserves the right to change prices and add, modify, or remove special offers from time to time and as needed, in accordance with applicable laws. Changes do not affect already confirmed reservations but may affect future bookings.

5.14. The fee stated in the reservation confirmation is not subject to reduction, offset, deposit, or refund by the client under any circumstances, and refusal to pay by the client is not justified on any grounds.

6. Changing and Cancelling Reservations

6.1. The reservation is valid from the arrival date until the departure date. If the validity period is exceeded, the reservation becomes invalid and is not subject to refund or exchange.

6.2. Changes to the reservation are possible both before the arrival date and during the service usage period by notifying Haga Home client service at least 2 business days in advance at Changes to the reservation include adding or removing different additional services or changing the duration of the reservation.
6.3. If, as a result of changes to the hotel client’s reservation, the reservation duration becomes longer than 30 days, the hotel client becomes a long-term client, and all obligations of a long-term client, including the obligation to pay a security deposit, apply. The same principle applies if a hotel client makes consecutive short-term reservations whose total duration exceeds 30 days.

6.4. Cancellation of the reservation is possible for both hotel and long-term services if the client notifies Haga Home at least 7 days before the arrival date. In this case, the client is entitled to a refund of the prepayment and the security deposit, but the contract fee is not refundable.

6.5. If the client informs Haga Home of the cancellation of the reservation less than 7 days before the arrival date, Haga Home has the right not to refund the prepaid amount.

6.6. Early termination of the reservation during the use of the service is possible under the following conditions:

6.6.1. The hotel client undertakes to inform Haga Home client service at least 2 business days in advance at if terminating the service early. In the case of early termination of the hotel service, Haga Home has the right not to refund the prepaid amount.

6.6.2. The long-term client undertakes to inform Haga Home client service at least 14 business days in advance at if terminating the service early. In the case of early termination of the long-term service, the client pays for the service until the end of the service usage period.

6.7. Deviating from these conditions, it is possible to cancel the reservation free of charge, and any prepayments may be refunded based on the situation, by agreement with Haga Home client service.

7. Arrival and Departure

7.1. Haga Home’s premises do not have a reception desk or personnel, and the client does not need to register separately on the arrival day. All necessary information for entering the apartment on the arrival day is provided to the client with the reservation confirmation.

7.2. The door code provided in the reservation confirmation becomes active on the arrival day from 12:00, unless the client has reserved the early access additional service or unless otherwise agreed between the client and Haga Home.

7.3. If, after entering the apartment, the client discovers that the apartment is not in suitable condition, has deficiencies, or is damaged (e.g., broken or non-functional items, damages, etc.), it must be immediately reported to Haga Home to avoid situations where the client is presented with a penalty or invoice for costs after departure. Subsequent claims will not be addressed by Haga Home.

7.4. Haga Home follows good practices and rules of order, which can be reviewed on Haga Home’s website and are also available on the information sheet in the apartment.

7.5. Haga Home staff has the right to check the information of people moving in Haga Home to ensure that only clients with valid reservations are present in Haga Home after 22:00.

7.6. The door code granting access to the apartment and the premises becomes invalid, and the electricity-consuming communications in the apartment cease operation on the departure day at 12:00, unless the client has reserved the late departure additional service or unless otherwise agreed between the client and Haga Home. After this time, the client has no right to use the apartment and premises, and is obligated to vacate the apartment.

7.7. Haga Home has the right to charge an additional fee of 20 euros for each exceeded hour upon departure if the client has not vacated the apartment within 30 minutes after the designated time and has not informed Haga Home client service.

7.8. If the client refuses to remove personal belongings and property from the apartment or refuses to vacate the premises, Haga Home has the right to collect these items and store them at the client’s expense. If the client has not claimed their belongings within 1 month from the departure day, Haga Home has the right to dispose of or sell (either by auction or otherwise) the client’s property left in the apartment, without Haga Home being obliged to compensate the client or any other person for anything.

7.9. The long-term client must leave the apartment as Haga Home handed it over, i.e., the furniture is in the same place as when the apartment was handed over, and the apartment is clean. An additional cleaning fee will be charged according to these terms and conditions point 5.10. This requirement does not apply to hotel services.

7.10. If the client has entered into an agreement with a third party for the provision of a service offered in the apartment (e.g., Telia, etc.), the client undertakes to fulfill the obligations arising from the above agreement alone and to terminate/terminate the said agreement by the departure day.

7.11. Registering the apartment as the client’s place of residence is possible only with the prior written consent of Haga Home and only for the duration of the service. If the client has used the option offered by Haga Home to register the apartment as their place of residence, they undertake to do everything necessary to change the residence registration no later than by the departure day. Haga Home has the right to withhold the security deposit until the aforementioned obligation is fulfilled. In the case of a legal person as a long-term client, the obligation to pay the client’s fee does not end until the location registration in the business register has been changed, even if the client has left the apartment and no longer uses the accommodation service.

8. Suspension and Termination of Service

8.1. Client reservations may be blocked or left unaccepted if the client does not comply with these terms or if Haga Home has reason to suspect that services are booked for illegal activities or in a manner that may cause harm to Haga Home or third parties.

8.2. Haga Home has the right to immediately suspend the use of the Haga Home booking system by the client and/or refuse to process the reservation and/or terminate any contracts if:

8.2.1. The client or accompanying guests do not use the apartment or premises carefully, responsibly, or in accordance with the requirements set out in these terms or house rules and do not rectify the violation within 7 days.

8.2.2. The client materially breaches these terms and does not rectify the violation within 7 days, or if Haga Home has reason to believe that the client is acting as a fraudster while using the service.

8.2.3. It is revealed that the client or resident has been criminally convicted or is staying in Estonia illegally, or if there is suspicion of money laundering or financing terrorism against the client or resident, or if the client or resident is a subject of international sanctions or financial sanctions, in which case no additional deadline is needed to rectify the violation.

8.2.4. Bankruptcy proceedings are initiated against the client, and Haga Home has demanded sufficient security for the payment of fees and other contractual obligations, and the client has not provided additional security within 5 days of receiving the demand.

8.2.5. The client is late with the payment of fees or a significant part of it for two consecutive months.

8.2.6. The client is late with the payment of fees or other contractual payments and has not fulfilled their financial obligation within an additional 7-day period given by Haga Home.

8.3. In case of a repeated violation by the client, Haga Home may terminate the contract immediately without prior warning.

8.4. If the client does not fulfill their obligations in accordance with these terms, Haga Home has the right to suspend any service (including electricity, heating, water, additional services) provided to the client, and/or access to the apartment or premises, provided that Haga Home has warned the client of such suspension 7 days in advance and the client has not rectified their violation despite the warning. Haga Home will restore the provision of services or access to the apartment or premises as soon as possible once the client has rectified or remedied the violation. The client agrees to compensate Haga Home for the costs of disconnecting and reconnecting utilities amounting to 50 euros if the disconnection and reconnection of water and sewerage, electricity, or heating in the apartment were due to the client’s failure to fulfill their obligations as specified in the terms. The client’s responsibility is equated with the actions of those individuals whom the client allowed (or made it possible through their behavior) to use the apartment or premises.

8.5. Haga Home has the right to enter the apartment at any time to check compliance with the terms, perform technical checks and maintenance, identify violations, identify and eliminate hazards and damage, prevent or eliminate emergencies and accidents, etc. Haga Home is not required to notify in advance of entry, but in the case of maintenance work in the apartment, Haga Home will notify the client at least 1 business day in advance, except in emergencies and accidents.

9. Liability

9.1. The client is responsible for any damage caused intentionally or negligently (e.g., smoking, consumption of alcoholic or narcotic substances) to the apartment, other Haga Home premises, furniture, equipment, or other clients or their property.

9.2. The client is obliged to compensate Haga Home in full for all damages resulting from the use of the service and the apartment by disregarding Haga Home house rules and these terms, including all costs incurred in the recovery of such damages, including reasonable legal fees.

9.3. The client is responsible for all additional costs or damages resulting from false, erroneous, or incomplete information provided to Haga Home during the booking process.

9.4. Haga Home is not responsible for interruptions or poor quality of utility services and other services consumed in the apartment, unless caused by the fault of Haga Home.

9.5. Failure to fulfill obligations arising from Haga Home’s terms is excused if it is due to force majeure. Force majeure, in terms of these conditions, refers to circumstances beyond Haga Home’s control, and which Haga Home could not reasonably have foreseen, avoided, or dealt with the consequences.

9.6. Haga Home is not responsible for property and valuables left unattended in the apartment.

9.7. The parking lot in Haga Home’s courtyard is only allowed to be used by clients staying at Haga Home who have purchased the relevant additional service. Haga Home reserves the right to tow vehicles of other individuals or vehicles that pose a danger to individuals, property, or the environment. The parking area is equipped with a barrier and surveillance cameras, but Haga Home is not responsible for cars left in the parking lot and their contents.

9.8. Haga Home is liable only for intentional acts. Haga Home is liable, in case of a breach of these terms, only for direct patrimonial damage. Haga Home is not responsible for lost profits or non-patrimonial damage. The total liability of Haga Home for a breach of these terms is limited to the amount equal to the sum actually paid by the client to Haga Home for the service, except in cases where the damage is caused intentionally or by gross negligence or is contrary to the law.

10. Intellectual Property Rights and Data Processing

10.1. All intellectual property rights related to the software, documentation, or information used or developed by Haga Home in providing information society services under these terms (including the website and the Haga Home booking system and materials uploaded there) belong to Haga Home. The client shall not copy, modify, adapt, disassemble, or decompile the source code of the website and the Haga Home booking system or any other software used by Haga Home, nor extract or use data on the website or in the Haga Home booking system for commercial purposes or any purpose other than intended for the website or Haga Home booking system.

10.2. The principles of processing client personal data are set out in the privacy policy, which is available on the website at any time.

11. Final Provisions

11.1. Haga Home has the unilateral right to amend these terms, house rules, and price lists. Changes come into effect upon their publication on the website.

11.2. The parties consider email correspondence to be a sufficient form for contractual notices and claims. All notices sent by the parties to the email address specified or notified by the other party are deemed to have been received on the next business day following the day of sending. The parties undertake to promptly inform the other party of any changes to their email address or other contact details.

11.3. Disputes arising from reservations made through the Haga Home booking system and the provision of services are resolved through negotiations. In case of failure to reach an agreement, the client has the right to turn to the Consumer Protection Board for the protection of their rights. Disputes and issues not mentioned in these terms are resolved in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia.
Company Legal Name: Oma Korterid OÜ
Registration Number: 16409820
VAT Number: EE102449996
Address: Pärnu mnt 105, 11312 Tallinn, Harju County, Estonia
Bank Name: SEB Pank AS
IBAN Code: EE351010220293737222
Phone: +372 502 0739